The Tetley


Wednesday 15 August, 6pm

Pyramid of Arts is a collective of around 180 artists with and without learning disabilities who work together to explore and develop their creativity and to make great art for a wide public.

The Ribblehead Group have made the work shown here in response to Saelia Aparicio’s exhibition, Your Consequences Have Actions. Taking inspiration from the Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection and a quote by Joseph Beuys, the group have given a collective title to their work of ‘I Am An Artist’. The group have responded to the richness of the exhibition by producing a diverse range of work, much of which you can see here on the Second Floor.

Please join us on Wednesday 15 August at 6pm for a special celebration event with all the artists.

The Ribblehead Artists are: Adrian Stansfield, Andrew Wonnacott, Brian Richardson, Carolyn Stiff, Dominique Ghataora, Donna Lematy, Jade Mellies, Julie Shackleton, Parveen Ayub, Robin Lumb, Sachin Limbacha, Scott Anderson, Stephen Harvey.

Pyramid of Arts’ Next Step group took their inspiration from the Material Environments exhibition (4 May- 8 July 2018), creating a varied collection of artworks from album covers to clay models, responding to the evolving nature of the exhibition here at The Tetley.

Next Step Artists are:

Colleen Ward, Adam Bates, William Stapleton, Hannah Nelson, Alicia Rywczuk, Ella Schofield, Conor Van Der Wert, Pete Hudspith, Jody Fitzgerald, Judith Kennedy, Katie Murphy, Nicky Lines, Penny Lewis, Wendy Robinson.