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Close up detail of brightly coloured tapestry
Benaiah Matheson open studio at The Tetley as part of our Tetley Associate Artists Programme, 2022. Photo: Jules Lister

Benaiah Matheson: Town Island

  • 20–23 January 2024
  • Art House 473, Grenada
  • Free

Benaiah Matheson presents an exhibition at Art House 473, Grenada, the first part of the artist’s project Town Island.

The project explores links between Carriacou, Grenada and Huddersfield, intertwining the narratives of distant yet intimately connected communities.

During the 1950s, Britain’s call to commonwealth nations brought a significant community of Carriacou people, known as ‘Kayaks’, to the West Yorkshire town of Huddersfield, including Matheson’s family.

Bridging cultures across borders and generations and inspired by migration and belonging, Matheson is hosting a series of workshops in Grenada and Huddersfield.

The first of these workshops will be with students at TA Marryshow Community College in Grenada and the resulting artworks will be presented in this exhibition at Art House 473. Later, the diaspora in Huddersfield will create over 120 flags, drawing on gestures and movements and weaving together references to their stories, hopes and dreams.

This project is part of Matheson’s research for work that will later be presented as part of the Grenada Pavilion at the 2024 Venice Biennale.


The Tetley is working with Matheson in Grenada on a residency at Art House 473 to facilitate Town Island, supported by the Arts Council of Grenada.

This project is supported by The Tetley through the British Council’s Biennials Connect Grants programme.

Benaiah Matheson (b.1985) is a visual artist based in Huddersfield. His multi-disciplinary work includes textiles, fashion, movement and painting, all through a collaborative and socially engaged practice.

Matheson explores the intersection of heritage, identity and shared experiences between Carriacou (Grenada) and Huddersfield (UK). He is interested in capturing the nuanced resonances and differences between the intersections of identity as well as individual and collective lived experiences. With a dynamic and authentic approach, Matheson seeks to highlight the rich vibrancy of multiculturalism and the international reach of artistic voices.