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Yoga class
Courtesy Loretta Jasmine

Yoga class

  • Wednesdays, weekly
  • 8.30–9.20am
  • Restaurant, The Tetley
  • Free, booking required
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The Tetley’s free yoga classes are a relaxed introduction to yoga, suitable for all.

Syncing our breathing with varying postures and flowing to the music, each class is sequenced to cultivate energy, build strength and tune into our bodies.

Head to our Bar & Kitchen afterwards for breakfast and coffee.


Each week has a different focus. Participants are welcome to join sessions without having attended previous classes.

11 May – Depth
Slowing down and getting a little deeper into the hips and hamstrings, we’ll work together towards doing the splits!

18 May – Energising morning flow
Working together on our arm length and strength, we’ll find power through flowing poses.

25 May – Build it together
We’ll incorporate the new found space in our hips and hamstrings into a faster flow building some heat.


1 June – Wake up
We’ll shake up our energy a little, waking up our wrists, necks and joints in general! Think twists and shakes, leaving you feeling tension free.

8 June – Side stretch
Working to create space and length down our side body, giving us room to stand taller, we’ll improve our posture and breathe deeper.

15 June – Summer slow down
As days get warmer it’s good to slow down and stretch a little. We’ll move through sun salutations and cooling postures to stretch and soothe.

22 June – Cool down, moving meditation
Focusing on finding stillness in each posture, we’ll give the mind and body time to settle in and rest, getting the most out of each movement.


Please bring your own yoga mat.

Loretta, who will be leading the sessions, has been practising yoga for eight years, and has been a qualified teacher for two. She is passionate about intuitive movement and encouraging students to move in a way that feels true to themselves.