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PANIC! Promoting an Artists' Network in the Crisis

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Led by artists, curators, organisations and individuals in Leeds City Region, PANIC! works to create an artists' network in Leeds.

Collectively, the network offers benefits through:

  • platforming activities;
  • sharing information;
  • offering mentoring support;
  • and distributing bursaries for practising artists.

The PANIC! Steering Group is made up of seven artist members, three artist advisors and The Tetley Team. They distribute the bursaries and advise, assist and promote the PANIC! Network and activity.

Our Aims

To create a network of artists living or working in the Leeds City Region

To distribute the available funds through six bursaries, and ten smaller grants for artistic projects that address the specific nature of the world crisis in the wake of the 2020 pandemic

To support artists to make new work exploring the conditions, experiences, pressures and possibilities of enforced digital sociability and the related phenomenological, psychological, social, cultural transformation of our lives

To offer opportunities for members to attend network events, such as talks, mentoring sessions and crits, with invited artists, curators, dealers, writers and others

To critically engage and address the entanglements of the axes of power: race, class, disability, gender, sexuality and the complex experiences of situated, self-reflexive diversity among the creative communities of Leeds

To share, activate and action the research that has been done on the role and significance of artist-led and artist-based initiatives in the creation and sustaining of visual arts in cities