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Artist development

Artist development

At The Tetley, we are mentors and champions for artists, providing support and investment, as well as development time and space.

Established by the artist-led charity Project Space Leeds, working with artists is our mission, and remains at the centre of everything we do.

We proudly invest in new and early-career artists to create work, nurture ideas and elevate skills. We fulfil a vital role within Leeds’ artistic communities, offering a significant public platform alongside outstanding national and international work.

We value the rich and vibrant contributions that early-career artists make to our society. By developing talent, confidence and providing a brave space to practise, we see empowering artists’ voices as a crucial way to think about wider issues and make change.

From application through to evaluation and in our ongoing relationships, we work with underrepresented and marginalised artists to remove barriers to practice, by giving time, fair fees and headspace.

As well as our free exhibitions and public events programme, we offer several opportunities throughout the year to get involved as an artist at The Tetley.

Find out more about our current projects and opportunities below.