The Tetley


Wednesday 29 March, from 6pm.

Responding to Dora García’s exhibition at The Tetley, artist David Steans presents an evening celebrating controversial 1990s publishing press Crime World. The evening will consist of a ‘lecture’ by Steans, describing the history of Crime World Publishing Ltd and its (bad) influence, and a new performance by non.

Visitor discretion advised: Crime World contains content that may upset or offend, visitor discretion is advised.

6pm-8pm, FREE, all welcome. Book here


Crime World

Crime World Ltd were best known for publishing a series of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-style gamebooks between 1991 – 1995 before ceasing trading in 1997. Like similar gamebook series such as Fighting Fantasy, Crime World books employed a second-person address to involve the reader directly in the action. The reader was asked to decide what to do at the end of each paragraph, and would then be prompted to turn to a different page in the book depending on their decision. Set in the criminal underworld of a dystopic 1990s Britain, the Crime World books were accused of glorifying violence and inviting readers to vicariously live out criminal fantasies on the page.


non are a Leeds-based artist collective who typically work in sound, film and performance. In their own words, they are “non-actors, non-singers, non-performers”. For Crime World, non are: Amelia Baron, Ben Sargent, Charlie Howard, Georgia Timms, Henry Gonnet, Holly Standen, Joseph Casey, Kitty Dickinson, Laurie Powell, Maria Cepeda, Mimi Kelleher, Miranda Phillips and Oli Ross.