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Tim Etchells: Where The Heart Is


Launched 23 July 2014

Project Space Leeds has project managed a new public art work by Tim Etchells for property developer Rushbond.

WHERE THE HEART IS is a neon work sitting just beneath the roofline of the Algernon Firth Building, Leeds. It is a fragment of the well-known phrase ‘home is where the heart is’ and allows layers of meaning and association with the Algernon Firth Building to be considered.

It refers to the building as residential accommodation, a place where students make their first independent home away from family and, at the same time it respects the building’s former use as the Institute of Pathology (opened 1933) as a site of anatomical research and learning. There is also reference to the ‘heart’ and generosity of the philanthropist Firth (1856-1936) in establishing the Institute as well as numerous contributions he made to other charitable projects in Leeds.

WHERE THE HEART IS is a hidden prompt for us the viewer to set us thinking, remembering and wondering about the things, people, ideas and places that really matter to them.

Tim Etchells is an established artist and writer based in Sheffield, exhibiting widely in the UK and abroad and has successfully delivered numerous commissions for arts organisations. In the last 6 years, Etchells has created a substantial body of work in both neon and LED. His simple yet intriguing phrases address the viewer directly, creating moments of thoughtfulness in a public setting: the works are public but private, drawing each person into a space of intimate reflection.

Rushbond is a Leeds-based award-winning property company with a philosophy to create distinctive buildings with a commitment to contemporary art within the built environment. They have commissioned a number of public art works and also founded and support the Rushbond Arts Scholarship Programme at Leeds Met University.

by Tim Etchells, 2014
Neon lights, 12.5 x 0.8m

WHERE THE HEART IS features on the Leeds Art Walk on Wednesday 3 September 2014. To find out more go to

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