The Tetley

LIVE LIBRARY: Performing Selves

Saturday 4 March, 11am - 5pm

Tickets £5 (£3 Cons)

How do we project ourselves in public and how do others see us? What is the difference between your online and offline self?

This day of talks, live performance and film will look at the history and culture of identity in society to ask if an individual is defined by their professional activity, their financial status, their emotional state or creative output? How has society’s willingness to understand the self as a combination of these factors created new ways for identity to be expressed all theses spheres?

Finally what is the future for how we can present ourselves to the world and how will this affect our interactions with others? To mark the culmination of Glasgow based Corin Sworn’s Artists’ Research Centre Fellowship in Leeds, a group of artists, writers and academics have been invited to give presentations of their work, considering these and other questions. Following the presentations the speakers will be in conversation with the artist to discuss how their work relates to her creative practice.

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Speakers include:
Corin Sworn, Artist
Ben Roberts, Director, Artists’ Research Centre
Dr M A Katritzky, Open University
Robb Mitchell, University of Southern Denmark, Kolding
Dr Bernie Hogan, University of Oxford
Dr Elsa Richardson, Queen Mary, University of London
Gil Leung, Artist
William Rose, Producer Pavillion, Leeds


As part of a new collaboration between the Artists’ Research Centre (ARC), The Tetley and the University of Leeds, artist Corin Sworn has been awarded the first ARC Fellowship focusing on ideas of performance, politics and popular culture.

Learn more about the ARC Fellowship here