The Tetley

Smooth Flow

James Clarkson

11 January – 2 March 2014

Smooth Flow was an exhibition of new works exploring the social history of production and manufacture at Tetley’s Brewery. The exhibition, developed on site over a 5 week ‘open studio’ residency, sits somewhere between an exhibition of new works and a curated re-presentation of archive material, utilising objects and images from the building’s recent and distant past.

The site-specific work created from the residency explores the Tetley’s social history through the material which evidences it. Utilising objects from the buildings recent and distant past, found on site during The Tetley’s renovation, the work will bear testament to the brewery’s rise and fall in success and production, from its decadent early 20th century features to the cheap mass produced office furniture of 1980’s most recently used within it.

Manifesting investigations into the history of both art and mass-produced materials, Clarkson’s work considers the relationship between contemporary artists’ practice and industrial production, and asks what happens when an object or subject takes on new meaning when removed from its original function and inserted into a new context?

Special Event: 4 February, 6pm
In conversation with James Clarkson and Sheffield-based artist, Dale Holmes.
Free and open to the public. Refreshments provided.


Artist Biography:

James Clarkson (b.1987, Liverpool) lives and works in Sheffield, his practice collates ideas and investigations into and around commonplace material and art history. He is interested in looking at the relationship between artists’ practice and production in the context of contemporary industrial production.

Recent solo exhibitions include:’Automatic’, Jeanroch Dard, Paris (2013), ‘Twin Tone Lustre’ DREI, Cologne (2013), ‘Pavilion’ David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (2013). ‘Abstracts for a Cascade Garden’ Supplement Gallery, London (2012), ‘Two Birds in a Space’ Supercollider, Blackpool (2011), ‘The Palace at 4am’ Permanent Gallery, Brighton. He has also undertaken The Standpoint Futures Residency, is a studio holder at S1 Artspace and is represented by DREI, Cologne.