The Tetley

Heritage Projects

The Tetley acknowledges the proud history of Tetley’s brewery and we feel privileged to have the iconic Tetley’s headquarters building as our new home. Historical items from the brewery’s past will be displayed within The Tetley as part of our collection and we welcome visitors to share their knowledge and connection with Tetley’s through events and special projects.

The Tetley has been involved in a project with the University of Leeds as part of Legacies of War, a First World War centenary project for 2014-18. A group of volunteers affiliated with The Tetley researched the history of the brewery during the First World War, focusing on the impact of the war on beer production and on changing attitudes to women workers.

Alongside this project we welcome others to help us develop a more general understanding of the history of Tetley’s brewery. Over the coming year we hope to better understand the heritage of The Tetley and to be able to share this with our visitors. If you are interested in contributing please contact our Head of Participation, Kenn Taylor.